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We at Storm’s Pro Shop feel that your bowling equipment should always be at its peak performance. That might require just a quick cleaning, some kind of surface adjustment like polishing or fine sanding for earlier friction on the lane, or both.

  • Your ball can become oil soaked and stop performing. If that happens, we can heat sweat the oil out.

  • A bowling ball, after long use, can develop scratches in the track area causing the ball to hook too soon and loose energy when it reaches the pins. If that happens, we can resurface your bowling ball to its factory finish.

    • A bowling ball may develop chips and deep scratches from bowling in different centers. We can fix them also.

  • Your bowling shoes soles can become slippery after long use. If that happens, we can brush them to bring the leather soles back to factory.

  • Your rubber finger inserts and some thumb inserts need to be replaced every so often. Worn insert can cause a loss of lift and/or rotation resulting in less pin carry (taps). When it is time, we can replace your finger and/or thumb inserts.

Ask us to check your fit and take a look at your ball track while you are visiting. We can tell a lot by just looking at the area on the ball that you roll it on.

Bring your equipment in and we will give you our professional opinion.